Grilled Jawn BBQ Grill Guide
Whether you are a seasoned pit master or backyard BBQ beginner, everyone always wants to know what’s in the backyard. Our bbq grill guide will hopefully help you get the right grill or smoker for your bbq adventure.

What’s in The Backyard

We use the Pit Boss Copperhead Series 3 Vertical Smoker. The reason Alli & I chose this model is because this unit requires very little space in the yard. Smaller than the 5 series or 7 series, we have not found an occasion where it was too small for us. Conversely, we like cooking on the smaller unit. [Read Our Full Review of the Pit Boss Copperhead 3]

SIDE NOTE: We prefer to use Knotty Wood Pellets since they burn the cleanest for our cooks.

If we add any new smokers to the Backyard BBQ aresnal we will make sure to update this BBQ Grill Guide

When it comes to Hot and Fast cooking there is still a place in our backyard for a Gas Grill. We have a Charbroil Four Burner Propane Grill with a side burner. This grill is a workhorse. After a long day of work, or when entertaining a lot of people — rest assured you can load this grill up with hot dogs, burgers, chicken, or seafood, and no one will be disappointed.

Nothing says Backyard BBQ and Good Times like the smell of burning charcoal. When it comes to using a charcoal grill, we use a Weber Grill The 22″ Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is perfect for direct heat, in-direct cooking and smoking. It’s old school. It’s versatile. It’s a go-to on any BBQ Grill Guide for a reason.

One thing that is for sure — we are a tailgating family. Of course we have a portable grill for tailgates. Our tailgate grill of choice is the Coleman RoadTrip 285. Using 5lb propane tanks this grill gets hot fast and also as important cools down and cleans up quickly. Unity if perfect for the beach, game day, concerts, or for a nice cookout in the park.

BBQ and Grilling Accessories

Never underestimate the power of good Grilling and BBQ Thermometers. We always cook to temps and not time, so using a reliable thermometer is a game changer. For every cook we do whether chicken, beef, or pork we use a bluetooth thermometer for cooking temps and an instant read thermometer.

COOKING THERMOMETER: ThermoPro TP910 is our go to. It’s a four probe digital thermometer that connects to an app so you can monitor cooking temperatures from your phone. For less than $50 this thermometer is a winner.

INSTANT READ THERMOMETER: Like everyone else, we use The Thermapen ONE. This compact thermometer is the only one you will every need for all of your cooks. It’s accurate, fast, perfectly sized and my go-to everytime.

CHIMNEY CHARCOAL STARTER: The Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter is a must have to get your fire started quickly and efficiently. If you have ever used one you know, if you have not — you need to get one now.

VORTEX (in)DIRECT HEAT: When cooking with Charcoal you know how difficult it can be when it comes to fire and temp management. This cone shaped charcoal basket allows you to perfect tow-zone cooking easily. This Vortex for Weber Grills is amazing!

As we cook more and more on our Weber Kettle we will make sure to update this BBQ Grill Guide

We hear the question on Facebook all the time — Where can I buy Pink Butcher Paper? It’s simple…we order our Pink Butcher Paper from Amazon. (Also, we love it more than tin foil for beef cooks.)

I love cooking on a cast iron griddle. When it came down to it our backyard just does not have the space for anything that is not versatile. We opted to buy two a Lodge Cast Iron Flat Top that fit perfectly on our Charbroil Grill. [Check out this article we wrote about this situation and product.]

Favorite BBQ Rubs & BBQ Sauces

When it comes down to BBQ Rubs we stick to the tried and true. When we cook we love traditional flavors and seasoning. For that reason we stick with BBQ Rubs from Meat Church, Blues Hog and Terry Black’s BBQ.

As we discover new BBQ Rubs and BBQ Sauces we use for our cooks, we will make sure to update this BBQ Grill Guide.

Papa’s Pepper is a gourmet combination of Jalapeño, Serrano, Habanero, Carolina Reaper, Ghost, Red Thai and Cayenne peppers meticulously crafted in small batches. Hot is cool, but hot with an amazing flavor is priceless.

Use coupon code ‘GrilledJawn‘ for 10% off your next order of Papa’s Pepper.

I love making a good homemade BBQ sauce. But there are some instances we do use other sauces. When we use a bottled BBQ sauce we turn to anything Blues Hog BBQ. Also, for special recipes we will use Bachan’s – Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce.

As we discover new BBQ Rubs and BBQ Sauces we use for our cooks, we will make sure to update this BBQ Grill Guide.

This BBQ Grill Guide was compiled of only products used by Grilled Jawn for all of our cooks. As time goes on and we add to our Backyard BBQ arsenal, we will try to add to this list. Also, please note that while these are all products we use, the content contains affiliate links where you can purchase these products. Please contact us or read our privacy/affiliate policy if you have any questions.