Flat Top Grill

Do You Want A Flat Top Grill

Flat Tops are the best, but how do you get a flat top Grill if you do not have the space?

We love cooking outside and Backyard BBQ. In the past I would get jealous of those posting photos cooking normal everyday things on their Blackstone or other Flat Top Grills. Let’s face it they are pretty slick.

If you are anything like us and you want to cook on the legit griddle, you fall into a couple of different scenarios.

  1. You don’t have the cash at the moment to get another grill or smoker
  2. You do not have the room
  3. It is not a popular purchase idea around your household
  4. Some combo of them all

If this sounds like your situation, we have the answer for everyone to get what they want. Why not turn your grill (pellet, gas, or charcoal) into a flat top grill.

Lodge Cast Iron makes the perfect cast iron flat top plates for your grill. Readily available at Lowe’s or your local hardware store, these flat tops turn any grill into a flat top grill. Simply, place the cast iron pieces over the grates and there you have it.

Currently, for our Charbroil propane grill we have two plates that take up almost the whole cooking area. These cast iron flat tops are great for Fish, Smashburgers, Breakfast, Veggies or anything else you would traditionally place in a frying pan inside the house.

Many times people wrestle with the question of ‘Should I Smoke or Grill?‘ now let’s throw another option in there — should I Flat Top?

Check it out, give it a go and let us know you how you make out. Happy Grilling!

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