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Should I Smoke or Grill?

One question commonly asked when you are new to smoking foods is, “I have a beautiful <insert cut of meat>, should I smoke or grill it today?”

At a glance it may seem like a silly, elementary question, but in actuality it’s a really good question. One thing that sets apart master tradesmen and cooks is know what tools to use and when to use them.

While this may not the end all be all definitive guide, The Grilled Jawn chart is a good place to start and how we prefer to cook things.

Should I Smoke or Grill?

Chicken WIngs✔️✔️
Pork Tenderloin✔️✔️
Hot Dogs✔️
Pork Butt / Pulled Pork✔️
Chicken Breast✔️
Whole Chicken✔️
Pork Belly✔️
Chuck & Other Roasts✔️
Pork Chops✔️
see guide for meat temperatures

Some say Steak is an either / or, but I prefer a nice reverse sear over charcoal.

But of all the answers, and all the input — this is my new favorite way to decide.

We will keep adding to the list as situations dictate, but for now, this is a good place to start. This not an end-all be-all list, but a good point of reference to get you started.

Keep on keeping on, and fire it up! Cheers!

Grilled Jawn Backyard BBQ Grill Guide

See what’s in our Backyard and the what we use to cook.


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