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How To Smoke Sausage

One of the most asked questions when I look in the various BBQ Facebook Groups is “How Should I Smoke Sausage?”

Simple enough. We love sausage, and the Grilled Jawn family loves cooking sausage, so why not — here are our on How To Smoke Sausage.

NOTE: The sausage we are discussing here are uncooked sausages. More typically hand made uncooked cased sausage from your local butcher. (Yes — whenever possible, please support your local butcher.)

How To Smoke Sausage

Serving Size:
2 1/2 hours


  • Fresh hand made sausage


  1. Pre-heat smoker to 225
  2. Place sausage on rack(s) not touching one another as much as possible
  3. Smoke for 60 minutes
  4. Roll the sausage over (This is mostly for appearance if there are any grate lines. Also, feel free to skip this step.)
  5. Smoke for another 60 minutes (or when internal temps reach 150)
  6. Pre-heat charcoal or gas grill to med-high
  7. Grill the sausage for 3 minutes – flip and repeat

If you are not planning on eating the sausage right away, skip steps 6 & 7. When you are ready to eat your smoked sausage then embark on steps 6 & 7.

One common question we hear about smoking sausage is “Will the casing burst when in the smoker? Is this something I need to worry about?” Quick answer: NO.

Your sausage’s casing will not burst while in the smoker unless you leave them in the smoker for too long. So, really this should not be a worry.

Now that you know How To Smoke Sausage, we want you to go ahead and give it a shot. This is a super easy, delicious way to use your smoker any time of year.


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