Cedar Plank Salmon Over Charcoal

Cedar Plank Salmon Over Charcoal

There is nothing better than a fresh Cedar Plank Salmon Over Charcoal in the backyard.

We love all types of BBQ. We love smoking food, grilling food, and firing it up over charcoal. One of our favorites is Cedar Plank Salmon, but for one reason or another we have never done Cedar Plank Salmon over Charcoal — until last week. Now, I do not think we will cook it any other way.

Cedar Plank Salmon OVer Charcoal

Serving Size:
40 min
Easy – Medium



  1. At least two hours before cooking soak your Cedar Planks. This prevents them from catching fire during the cook.
  2. Season your Salmon according to taste. We find the lighter the seasoning the better.
  3. On your Kettle Grill get your charcoal going using the chimney method and then create a two zone fire. For this recipe it’s best to have the charcoal and fires on the outside of the grill with a cool section in the middle.
  4. When your fire is ready and holding temp at 375-400° place the salmon on the planks in the middle of the grill.
  5. Grill for approx 12-15 min per pound. When the salmon is getting flaky to the fork you are done.
  6. Remove from grill – let rest and serve.

We like our salmon lightly seasoned, but you grill with lemons on top or even marinade the salmon and grill. This is a great, healthy recipe for everyone who enjoys lighter fare time to time. Enjoy!

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