Grilled Kebabs

Let’s Make Grilled Kebabs

Grilled Kebabs are a great way to have grilled Steak or Grilled Chicken with some tasty vegetables.

Grilled Kebabs or Skewers are delicious when cooked on a hot grill. Bonus points if you cook them over charcoal.

Let’s face it, sometimes, BBQ and eating healthy do not always go hand in hand. We like to smoke meat that has a lot of fat, and we like to grill fatty meats — but if you are looking to grill something a little more on the healthier side — grilling kebabs are your answer.

Simple, Easy, Delicious and Healthy.

Grilled Kebabs

Serving Size:
30 Min


  • Kebab Skewers
  • Steak / Chicken / Shrimp (Use can use any protein)
  • Onion
  • Pepper
  • Tomato
  • Steak (or Chicken) Seasoning


  1. Season your protein liberally with a BBQ Rub of choice
  2. Marinade your steak and chicken in a simple marinade. For this cook we used Steak Sauce (I like Zip Sauce) with minced garlic and pepper. Refrigerate for up to three-hours.
  3. Cut vegetables into quarters and season
  4. Remove your protein from the marinade and prep skewers with meats and veggies to your liking
  5. Prepare your grill for direct heat cooking.
  6. Place skewers in the grill and cook for about 5 minutes per side. (Always test done temps with a digital thermometer that you trust.)
  7. Allow to rest and serve!

This is one is as simple as it seems. But, here are a couple of tips to making your grilled kebabs great.

  1. If you are cooking both chicken and steak together make sure raw your raw chicken does not touch or contaminate the other meats. Use either a clean cutting board or a seperate prep surface.
  2. For best grilled kebabs result we use a Shish Kabob Rack Stand. This raises the kebabs slightly off the grilling surface to cook more evenly.
  3. If you are using wooden skewers, you want to soak the skewers for about 45 minutes in water before prepping your kebabs. This ensures the wood does not catch fire will grilling

Grilled Kebabs are great for an easy dinner on the grill. Light, tasty and a pretty healthy dinner option. Take this recipe, use it as a set of guidelines, and add your desired proteins and veggies to make it your own. Cheers!

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