Grilled Bangers and Mash

Grilled Bangers and Mash

Sometimes grilled food is comfort food at its best — enter our version of Grilled Bangers and Mash.

Bangers and mash is a traditional British dish consisting of Sausage (Bangers) over Mashed Potatoes (Mash.) This article by no means depicts anything traditional, but more or less how we prepared a grilled version of Bangers and Mash.

They key to any good grilled sausage dish or cook is fresh sausage. If you can, go to the butcher or butcher counter and get fresh sausage vs. grocery store packaged sausage. Again, do this only if you can.

To keep this one short and simple — Grill your Bangers and serve over mashed potatoes with a onion gravy. To add some British tradition serve with a side of (mushy) peas and enjoy.

If you love sausage, but are tired of sausage and peppers — giver this a shot. If you can grill sausage, and can make mashed potatoes — Grilled Bangers and Mash is perfect.

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