Weber Wings

The Best Grilled Weber Wings

Nothing compares to perfectly cooked weber wings over charcoal. Nothing.

Over the Holiday Weekend, we decided to break out the Weber Kettle and grill some weber wings. Until recently, I have not been much into cooking over charcoal. Instead, we have been engrossed in smoking backyard BBQ and gas grilling hot and fast when needed. But, I am so happy we re-discovered our passion for cooking over fire with charcoal.

Wings, Burgers, Hot Dogs and Chicken are better when cooked over charcoal. (Our charcoal of choice is Blues Hog.) Check out our recipe for Weber Wings, and once you try them — you will not go back.

Grilled Weber Wings

Serving Size:
45 mins


  • Chicken Wings
  • BBQ Seasoning (We used Blues Hog Sweet & Savory)
  • Charcoal


  1. Prep your wings by liberally seasoning with your favorite BBQ rub and refrigerate
  2. Get your Weber Kettle Grill set up for indirect grilling (two-zone cooking.) NOTE: We covered this in a previous article click here to learn more about setting up the Weber for Two-Zone Cooking
  3. Once up to temp, place your wings on the cool side of the grill and cover. See photo two in the above gallery.
  4. Grill for 15 minutes per side until the the wings reach an internal temp of 140° or so.
  5. Remove the wings from the cool side of the grill and place them directly over the fire uncovered. (This is how you get a nice crispy wings.)
  6. Your wings are done with the internal temp reaches the internal temperature of 165° (We trust our Thermapen when it comes to food safety temps.)
  7. Toss wings with your favorite sauce or eat as is (naked) like we do

Wings are great any time of the year. I love Weber Wings when it comes to tailgating, game day fare, #wingwednesday or whenever. The next time you have an urge for wings — give this one a shot. It’s a simple cook that tastes amazing! Cheers!

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