Breaded Chicken Fingers

Easy Breaded Chicken Fingers

Breaded Chicken Fingers are a staple in every household.

Whether you have kids or are an adult, chicken fingers (or boneless wings) are a hit with everyone. This week we attended Opening Day 2022 for The Philadelphia Phillies, and if you know anything about Philadelphia, you know we love to tailgate.

Grilled Jawn Phillies

While prepping for our pre-game tailgate, I was planning on simple items like Smoked Pork Sandwiches and finger foods when Alli requested boneless wings or a healthier version of breaded chicken fingers. So, with a bit of prep and with ingredients on hand in the kitchen, we whipped these up in no time on our backyard grill for the game.

This will not be the only time I make these easy breaded chicken fingers. Being a household without kids but having nieces and nephews who visit often, I will never stress about not having chicken fingers available.

Breaded Chicken Fingers (or Boneless Wings) are a great addition to the tailgate party and a delicious healthy alternative (if that’s your deal.)

Enjoy & Let’s Go Philles!

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