Savory BBQ Ribs

Homemade Savory BBQ Rub

Ever plan on cooking with a sweet sauce and need a quick savory BBQ rub to balance flavors?

Yesterday, we planned on smoking some delicious 321 Ribs. However, before the cook, we ventured out to our local Ace Hardware to get more pellets for our Pit Boss Smoker. While in the store, we ventured to the BBQ Rub section, and if you do not know, Ace Hardware Stores typically have great BBQ sections.

We noticed some new items from Blues Hog BBQ and their Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce. Perfect. We decided we wanted to use this sauce without thinking about the rest of the cook.

While trimming our ribs it hit me — all my Pork BBQ Rubs I have in the cabinet have a sweet element to the blends. Long story short, I decided to make a Savory BBQ rub from scratch. (Like any other cooking Backyard BBQ is all about balance. I wanted delicious ribs not pieces of candy. This rub balances out the sweet from the BBQ Sauce and add the perfect profile for your smoked ribs.)

Homemade Savory BBQ Rub

Serving Size:
5 min



  1. Add brown sugar to a mixing bowl and get rid of any clumps
  2. Add the rest of listed ingredients to the mixing bowl and mix together using a whisk or any other preferred method
  3. Add to shaker bottle or season meat manually

Really, that’s all it is. Combine all ingredients and use. This savory bbq rub will add a whole different level of flavor to your cook. When it comes time to sauce the ribs (or anything) feel free to use as much sauce as you want since you have this level of balance.


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