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5 Tips For A Great Tailgate

Everyone loves a good tailgate party. Here are some ideas and tips for a great tailgate.

BBQ, Grilling, Friends, Family, Football (Concerts, Baseball Games etc.) and tailgating all go hand in hand. I know the Grilled Jawn Family loves a good tailgate party. Over the years and over the tailgaters we have come a long way and learned from previous mistakes.

5 Tips For a Great Tailgate Party

  1. Be Prepared. When it comes to tailgating being prepared is everything. Make sure you have plenty of trash bags, utensils and ICE. When it comes to tailgating ICE is everything. And Fuel — you do not want to be the guy at the game whose grill goes cold because he ran out of charcoal etc.
  2. Have HOTS and COLDS. There is nothing worse than having someone lurking around and picking at whatever you are cooking. Make sure you have some cold (non-cooked) items planned for the pickers. Chips & Salsa, Salads, or dips are a great way to appease everyone’s hunger while you are cooking your wings, ribs, or burgers.
  3. Prep at Home. The more you can prep at home the easier the tailgate. Nothing is worse than trying to dice onions, slice tomatoes and prep with limited space (and without a sink.) The more you can prepare beforehand the smoother the cook.
  4. Don’t Be a Hero. Ask for help. Find a cooking partner. Enlist people to help either by bringing items or helping with setup or manning the grill. The more you try to do on your own the greater the risk of error.
  5. Pace Yourself. Typically, when it comes to tailgates it is a long afternoon or day. We like to get there early, grab a Bloody Mary and fire it up. Make sure there’s plenty of water to accommodate the amount of alcohol at the party. It’s a long day — don’t go too hard too fast.

Check out Grilled Jawn’s Five Tips For A Great Tailgate

There they are…our Tips For a Great Tailgate party. No matter who you root for, or what concert you attend — these tips are pretty universal. Use these tips a guideline to get the party started and keep it on track.

We are ready for Football season — Let’s Fire It Up!

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