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The Biggest BBQ Mistake To Avoid

The Biggest BBQ mistake I try to avoid creeps up on me time to time…and I did again yesterday

I hate making mistakes. I especially hate making dumb mistakes that can be prevented. I know on many BBQ Websites, YouTube Channels, or wherever it’s not cool to talk about the mistakes you make. But, once I fess up to my biggest BBQ mistake — you will never go down that path.

No, my mistake is not running my smoker at the wrong temperature. Nope, it’s not being patient and pulling the cook-off too soon. It’s not the time I cooked beef ribs that wrong way. Man, it’s not even anything cool or technical like running the smoker with the wrong wood. It’s not only a big BBQ mistake; it’s a dumb one…

It’s running out of fuel mid-cook.

I have done this a couple of time over the years, and I always kick myself when it happens. “Sure, the gas grill has enough propane.” “I have enough charcoal for a hot and fast cook on the Weber.” “These pellets and wood will last the whole smoke.” NOPE — they won’t.

Yesterday while I was cooking our Grilled Carne Asada I thought I had enough charcoal for a 10 minute cook. I was wrong. Mid cook I ran to our local ACE Hardware to get another bag. What makes this the biggest BBQ mistake I made was because I knew I was running low and decided to push it. DUMB.

Heed the warning, when you are out and about getting everything else needed for your cook, get more fuel for your grill, kettle, or smoker. This is an easy mistake to avoid, so don’t be me and have people standing around watching you flame out.

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