Quickly Defrost Meat

3 Steps To Quickly Defrost Meat

Last year I learned how to quickly defrost meat and it saved our holiday

True story. Last year we were a little late on grabbing a turkey for Thanksgiving. Everyone knows that included in Thanksgiving Day prep is making sure you bake in enough time to let the bird defrost. Without going into too much — I did not.

Once we picked a bird, that was frozen like a rock, the butcher at our local grocery store told me about this little trick that worked like a charm.

From time to time I like to shop at Wild Fork Foods. (We are lucky to have a retail location locally.) They are known for Fresh Frozen foods. Once we learned how to quickly defrost meat we shop there more and more for some of the harder to find items.

Three Steps To Quickly Defrost Meat

  1. Take a smal cooler, bucket or bowl that you can cover and fill it up with cold water.
  2. Place the bag of frozen food in the cooler and close the lid.
  3. Change water every 30 minutes.

And…that’s it. For example this morning I defrosted 3lbs of Whole Chicken Wings in about 90 minutes. (Previously, we defrosted 6lbs of Beef Ribs in about 3 hours.) I have seen other ways people say to defrost meat. There’s microwaving it, there’s running it under warm water, and whatever else — trust me with this process. If you use these three steps, your meat will not only defrost quickly, but it will not hurt the quality of the meat.

If you ever need to quickly defrost meat give this a shot and let us know how it works for you.

[EDITORS NOTE: If you frequently visit this site, you may notice that we have been posting more BBQ Tips articles vs. BBQ recipes and may wonder why. The answer is simple, here in the Northeast, it has been Hot as Hell. Now that the weather is breaking a bit, we have a bunch of cooks planned for the site and perhaps some more BBQ Videos.

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