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How To Smoke Beef Ribs

We finally got to smoke beef ribs, and they did not disappoint.

Bucket list achievement ahead. I love ribs. We always wanted to smoke beef ribs. I am not talking about chuck ribs when I say beef ribs; I mean the big boys.

Call them Beef Short Ribs, Plate Ribs, or Dino Ribs — whatever, all I know is these Texas-sized beef ribs were terrific. But, here is something that I did not know; it’s one of the easiest cooks I have had to date.

Huge shoutout to Mike Mullins of Weekend Warrior BBQ for making the best Beef Ribs instructional video.

Smoked Beef Ribs

Serving Size:
6 hours
Easy – Medium


  • Beef Short Ribs (We used a 5.5 lb cut from Wild Fork Foods — make sure you buy the right cut)
  • Beef BBQ Rub ( We used Terry Black’s Beef Rub)
  • Butcher Paper


  1. With a sharp boning knife remove any excess fat from the top of the cut. The more silver skin you remove the better bark you will develop. Make sure you leave all the fat on the bottom of the rib. This protects the meat, and keeps the meat secured to the bones.
  2. Season the beef ribs on the top and sides. Use your best judgement here. Some people want to taste the smoke and meat versus mostly tasting the rub. Over time and with experience you will learn the proper balance.
  3. Pre-heat the smoker to 275°
  4. Once at temp place the beef ribs in the smoker
  5. After two-hours or check on the building of your bark. If the ribs are starting to look dry feel free to spritz.
  6. Once the proper bark is built, usually around IT 165° pull the rack of ribs out and wrap tightly in butcher paper
  7. After the wrap, place the ribs back in the smoker
  8. After about another two-hours check the IT. Once your ribs are probe tender and around 205° pull them from the smoker.
  9. IMPORTANT STEP: When the ribs are done cooking I wrapped them in a kitchen towel, placed them in a cooler and let them rest for 90 minutes. The longer the rest the better the BBQ
  10. After resting remove from the cooler, take away the towel and unwrap the ribs.
  11. Serve & Enjoy!!!

For the longest time, I was so intimidated by Dino Ribs. But now that I know that these Ribs are available to me at my local Wild Fork Foods location, I will be making and serving beef ribs as often as possible. These were amazing and now, my new favorite choice for Backyard BBQ.

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