Grilling The Perfect Burger

Grilling The Perfect Burger on The Weber Kettle Grill

We have two simple tips for grilling the perfect Burger over charcoal on your weber kettle.

For the longest time grilling burgers were the bane of my existence. They were always a pain in the ass, especially if someone wanted one medium rare and others medium (no pink.) I hated it — so I would avoid grilling them at any cost and used a flat top for burgers.

Now that I learned two tricks to grilling the perfect burger they are my go to cook for game days or family cookouts.

Grilling The Perfect Burger
on the Weber Kettle

Like we said before there are two tricks you need to know when grilling the perfect burger.

  1. Two-Zone Heat
  2. Grill with the lid open

After you make your patties or use pre-made burgers, set your Weber Kettle up for two-zone cooking. Spread your ready charcoal into a basket that takes up half the charcoal grate or spread evenly on one side of the grill. This way you have a hot side and a cooler side.

Grill your burgers with the Weber Kettle Grill lid off over the hot coals. Watch your fire for flare ups from fat and burger drippings hit the fire. Don’t touch the burgers and play with them once on the fire, but it there are flare ups move the burger to the cool side for a moment.

When grilling over hot coals (500°) your burgers will need about 3 minutes per side. When the sides of the burgers start turning grey – they are ready to flip. Add cheese when there is about 1 minute left in your cook.

I know this all sounds too simple, but when it comes to grilled the perfect burger these two things are essential. The next time you fire it up for burgers – give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.

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