Grilled Jawn

Grilled Jawn Turns One!

Here we are The Grilled Jawn website is a year old.

We can’t believe is one-year-old. What started as an Instagram account to post food-related photos, not to inundate my friends and personal followers with foodie photos, has grown and become something of its own.

Over The year

  • Over the last year we added two new cooking devices (PitBoss Copperhead Three Series Smoker & Weber Kettle Grill) and learned so much about various outdoor cooking techniques
  • We added three other flavors of Grilled Jawn Craft Beef Jerky in our online store
  • To date in year one we posted 98 articles which breaks down to: 63 BBQ Recipes and 35 Reviews or BBQ Tips & Tricks articles
  • Ate tons of great homemade Backyard BBQ with friends and family

Thank you to everyone who signed up for our newsletter. Thank you to everyone who read our posts. Thank you to everyone who follows us on Instagram or other Social Networks.

At Grilled Jawn, we plan on keeping this thing rolling and doing our part to support the Local Backyard BBQ movement rolling! Cheers & Keep on keeping on!

Grilled Jawn Backyard BBQ Grill Guide

See what’s in our Backyard and the what we use to cook.


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