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Making Instagram Food

Yes, we all love to cook, but a close second to us cooking and feeding our loved ones is making people drool on social media. Making Instagram Food look good is not too difficult and with these three tips you will be the envy of your followers.

Three Tips To Make Instagram Food

  1. First and foremost rule of Instagram Food is to make something delicious. Smoke, grill, or cook something that you are proud of and something you want the world to see. Along these lines when you are cooking think about what people you follow post and what foods are sexy or highly desirable. (ex: Ribs, Brisket, Wings, Bright Vegetables)
  2. Take time to stage your photo. More often than not the background and all the other items accompanying your dish is what takes a photo from good to great. Make sure you have good light. I prefer natural light vs. flash or fluorescent lighting.
  3. Plating is key. If you are not sure how to plate a dish to make it look great do a quick Google Image Search for plating food and see how the professionals plate the dish.

With these three tips your photos will instantly receive more ‘likes’ which hopefully turns into engagement and growth. Remember, people eat with their eyes and since the viewers eyes are all they have to judge your cooking on — make sure you make the right impression.


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