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The Best Ballpark Hot Dogs

In case you did not know, I am a huge baseball fan. During my years of traveling for work I was the one scouring the web to see what team was home when in order to plan trips.

And, when it comes to baseball we have to mention hot dogs. Ballpark Hot Dogs go hand in hand with any trip to the park.

In honor of the upcoming season, and in no particular order here are some of my favorite ballpark hot dogs (and one baseball themed dog.)

My Favorite Ballpark Hot Dogs

The Halo Dog — Anaheim Angels: I’ve had this gem on multiple occasions — both at Angel Stadium and Tempe Diablo Stadium (for Spring Training.) It’s a bacon-wrapped hotdog topped with beans, cheese, pico de gallo and an Anaheim chili relish.

Dodger Dog — Dodger Stadium: This is a no frills hot dog that is one of the national treasures of baseball. Simple beef dog on a white bread bun. Nothing fancy — only amazing.

Yankee Dog — Yankee Stadium: Long before they built the new park and way into the future, for me, the Yankee Dog will always be where I developed my love for hot dogs. It’s a standard NYC dirty water dog, but it’s from ‘The House That Ruth Built.

Randy Jones Grill — Petco Park: This is the one place that I like all the ‘dogs offered, Randy Jones Grill knows how to make a hot dog the star of the game. Back when I lived in SD and the Pads were bad, we would go to games just to get these hot dogs.

The Big Unit — Alice Cooperstown / Phoenix, AZ (RIP)

Ballpark Hot Dogs

Across the street from Chase Field in Phoenix lived Alice Cooperstown. This place was infamous for their $3 pre-game drafts and ‘The Big Unit. Named after Randy Johnson, The big unit is a 22″ hot dog topped with chili and cheese. This dog was a spectacle. When they brought it out to you, the staff would yell, “BIG UNIT” and let everyone know who are where it was ordered. I confess, I typically ate them in one sitting.

To me, hot dogs are all about the experience. I love backyard hot dogs as much as ball park dogs, but again, it’s all about the experience. And if can experience a baseball game too — more power to you. Enjoy!

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