Pizza Oven Kit

Weber Kettle Pizza Oven Kit

We just bought the onlyfire pizza oven kit and it is a game changer.

I always wanted a dedicated pizza oven for our Backyard BBQ arsenal. I love the thought of an Ooni Pizza Oven in the yard, but they are quite costly, and honestly I do not have room in our outdoor kitchen for another grill or oven. This situation is very similar to our Flat Top want and need. (Turn your grill into a Flat Top Grill.)

The solution was simple: The onlyfire Pizza Oven Kit for our Weber Kettle 22″ Grill.

Essentially, this stainless steel pizza oven kit replaces the Weber lid and sits on top of the grill. This model has a built in thermometer, and a ring for the (included) pizza stone.

Pros and Cons of the pizza oven kit

  • PRO: At $169 this pizza kit is a deal in comparison to other stand alone pizza ovens.
  • PRO: Lightweight and easy to maneuver and store
  • PRO: Surprisingly, the unit cools down quick quickly when finished
  • PRO: With the pizza stone the pizza gets a nice even cook.
  • CON: The handles and everything get extremely hot
  • CON: The design to place the pizza stone on the rack is flawed. You basically need to open a hot door with your hands inside of the oven to place the stone of the rig.

Overall, if you are looking for a cheap way to have a pizza oven that takes up little space this is a great buy. After the burn in, and our fist cook we are quite happy with our decision to go with a pizza oven kit vs. a stand alone pizza oven.

Look forward to new pizza recipes and other pizza related cooks soon!

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