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Is BBQ Keto Friendly?

We get asked all the time — Is BBQ Keto Friendly? The short answer is yes, but there are things to navigate.

This article is for all of us who love Backyard BBQ, but want to remain in decent shape and in reasonable health. For those of you that either does not pertain to or can eat your weight at the BBQ and not be affected — we salute you and have tons of great BBQ recipes for your liking.

MIllions of people partake in the keto lifestyle. Personally, I dabble with watching my carbs, which is part of the keto diet.

In BBQ Facebook Groups or Fitness Facebook Groups the question comes up often – Is BBQ Keto Friendly?

The best keto BBQ choices are smoked or grilled meats, like brisket, steak, burgers, and pulled pork and chicken, without sauce. (The key is without sauce.)

If you can avoid most BBQ Sauces that are high in carbs and buns for BBQ sandwiches, almost all BBQ is keto friendly. The biggest pitfall when it comes to deciding is bbq keto friendly is navigating the sides. Stick to sides that veggie based and without any type of breading. [Article: How to Eat Keto at a BBQ Restaurant]

So, emphatically the answer is YES — BBQ is keto friendly, but just like everything else it comes down to good choices and moderation (the boring shit in life.)

I am glad we finally addressed this topic to help everyone. Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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