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Let’s Tailgate

Football season is here, which usually means one thing around here — it’s time to Tailgate. In Philadelphia, we tailgate for every sport, every season in any type of weather conditions. It’s a right of passage and a ritual.

Tailgate Like Grilled Jawn

Since you are reading this article, we know you like to cheer on your favorite teams and spend time with your favorite people and post up in some lot, field, or wherever.

It’s time we ‘Lookout for the Cookout’ and let you in on how we tailgate the Grilled Jawn way. We do it in a minimal fashion…let’s go on…

Blowing it out with 20′ smokers and RV’s are all fun and games until it’s your turn to pay for everything. When you tailgate the Grilled Jawn all that is needed five items that will fit in any car and take up no space at your event. (Hell, you can even use this setup in your backyard if you want.)

Five Essential Tailgate Items

  1. Portable Grill – any portable grill will do, but we like propane grills that get hot quickly and cools off just the same. For this reason, we use a Coleman Roadtrip X-CURSION. This unit is light, compact and as you can see in the photos above sizewise, has a decent cooking area.
  2. Compact Prep/Serving Table – just like working and prepping at home a sturdy table is crucial to cooking and serving your fellow tailgaters. We have tried a couple of tables we had laying around the yard before settling on a lightweight folding camping table. Since this one is metal it’s a breeze to clean and store before you head into the stadium or event. Don’t underestimate the power of a good setup table.
  3. Proper Cooler – Not all coolers are made the same. There are tons of affordable coolers on the market, but to us a proper cooler is one that fits all your food and the afternoon’s beverages in the same container. This is an essential to staying minimal — one cooler. If you must, add another cooler a collapsable six-pack (or 12 pack cooler is ok) but trust me the better the cooler the happier you will be.
  4. Full Set of Grilling Tools – Ah, yes…grilling tools…I love grilling tools. We bring along a 24 pc set of grill tools that include everything you can think of for your tailgate excursion. Don’t be one of those grillmasters who forgets a sharp knife for trimming meats, or fork and tongs.
  5. Comfortable Chairs – Now that your food is cooked and the beverages are cold it’s time to sit down relax, and enjoy your little slice of tailgate real estate. We don’t go crazy when it comes to chairs. I find folding camping chairs with beverage holders more than perfect for what I need. Sit down, take a load off, and enjoy the day.

There you have it; now you are ready to tailgate the Gilled Jawn way. Since we are well-equipped with the necessities, in the next coming weeks, we will talk about our favorite Game Day recipes.

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