Best BBQ Rubs

My Favorite BBQ Rubs

When it comes to seasoning meats for the grill or the smoker I have narrowed it down to three favorite BBQ rubs. Like most things, everything serves a purpose and when used correctly these BBQ rubs pack a punch in all of the right ways.

Also, please note — just because I have my favorite BBQ rubs categorized, you don’t specifically need to use them in that manner. Listen…this is BBQ and you get to make the rules and do what you want to mix and match flavor profiles.

My Favorite BBQ Rubs

Best BBQ Rubs

BIRD GANG by White Bulls BBQ
Originally based in Philly, (now Auburn, CA) Bird Gang packs a punch. This rub gives you that big flavor you want to spice up wings, breasts and thic thighs.

With its origins in Philly — you know it’s going to be in your face. Seriously, just because you may now know White Bulls BBQ (yet) don’t snooze here.

TB Pork

Terry Black’s Pork Dry Rub
Sweet, spicy and pepper dominate this flavor profile. Terry Black’s BBQ from Austin, TX is one of Texas’ premier BBQ hot spots — so you know you are getting real deal BBQ flavors.

Use this rub liberally on ribs, pulled pork, or pork tenderloin and you will not be disappointed. (We even smoked a batch of wings with this sucka.)

Holy Cow

Meat Church Holy Cow
Holy Cow is a big bold Texas S/P/G powerhouse. Like other traditional Texas rubs — pepper is the main flavor profile for this rub. Big. Bold. Pepper.

I love using this on all things beef. When you use this BBQ rub on Chuck roasts and Texas chili you are getting big Texas flavors.

These are my three favorite BBQ rubs that we use weekly around the Grilled Jawn house. Like I said previously, don’t pigeon hole these rubs into the category on the label. Holy Cow makes some fine wings and Bird Gang makes a proper pork shoulder. Mix, match and experiment with what you and yours enjoy — and everyone is a sure winner. Enjoy!

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