Smoked Roast Beef

Smoked Roast Beef

Sundays are for roasts, everyone knows that, but this Sunday we went full send on a Smoked Roast Beef.

We smoked this roast on our Pit Boss Copperhead 3 using the Pit Boss Classic Blend pellets. With a total cook time just under four hours, we could not be any happier with the final results.

Smoked Roast Beef

Serving Size:
4 hours


  • Chuck Roast
  • Seasoning / Beef Rub


  1. We started this cook the day before by going to our favorite butcher in South Philly and getting 3lbs of Top Roast. (3 pounds was a little bigger than I wanted for this cook, but as it turned out, I wish we went with 4 pounds or more.)
  2. The first layer of seasoning was Meat Church’s Holy Cow. This is a great peppery, paprika and garlic base for any piece of beef.
  3. Seasoning layer two was a rub we made of pepper, sea salt and onion powder. I wanted the final product to have a bold tasting pepper bark. (And, it did.)
  4. Pre-heat the smoker with the Classic Blend pellets to 225 f
  5. Cook for 3-4 (ours cooked for 3 hours 45 min) while spritzing with water ever 30 minutes after the second hour.
  6. This step is important: when you take the roast out — let it rest with tented foil for at least 20 minutes before slicing. ENJOY!

This was one of those cooks that was so good we cannot wait to fire it all up again and make another smoked roast beef. If you are like us, you know, Sunday Football and Roasts go hand in hand.

Fire it Up!

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