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Pork Belly Brisket

Oh man, this one was too good not to share right away. Everyone loves bacon, everyone loves pork belly, and universally everyone loves brisket. Now, thanks to Dayne’s Craft BBQ — everyone will love pork belly brisket. (Shout out Dayne!)

I saw this on the Meat Church site and knew I had to head to our South Philly butcher, and give it go for myself on our Pitboss Copperhead Vertical Smoker.

Pork Belly Brisket

Serving Size:
4+ Hours


  • 2 lb Pork Belly
  • Seasoning / Rub


  1. Grab a boneless skinless pork belly. It’s ok if you need to remove the skin and actually quite easy.
  2. Trim off excess silver skin and prepare into a rectangle piece of meat. This ensures the pork belly cooks evenly.
  3. Heat smoker to 275
  4. Season the pork belly liberally with a Pepper based rub and then go back for a second heaping of an all-purpose rub. We used Meat Church Holy Cow and Gospel for this cook.
  5. Cook until probe tender 205
  6. Rest for 10 minutes and slice!
  7. ENJOY this peppery bacon pork belly delight!

This was not a particularly hard cook. Like other cooks, when you have to take anything to 200 degrees it requires a boatload of patience. Let it go all the way to 200 and you will not regret waiting another 30 minutes for do so.

I love pork belly and I love Texas BBQ. This is the perfect crossroads of the both! Fire it up and Enjoy some Pork Belly Brisket!

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