Smoked Ham

Twice Smoked Ham

I am a sucker for a good ham. Twice smoked ham is great for meal prep, holidays or to leftovers in the refrigerator.

Why Twice Smoked? We call it twice smoked ham, because usually when you buy a ham from the grocery store or butcher it is already smoked and cooked. The goal here with the smoker is to season, glaze and re-heat to temperature.

At the risk of repeating ourselves in all our recipes, this may be the easiest meal you will ever smoke. Easy, no-nonsense, and delicious.

Twice Smoked Ham

Serving Size:
3 hours


  • Boneless Smoked Ham
  • Brown Sugar
  • Seasoning
  • Apple Juice
  • Jelly / Jam
  • Airplane bottle of Jim Beam


  1. Generously rub your ham with brown sugar and seasoning. We like a combo of brown sugar, chili powder and pepper.
  2. Heat smoker to 225 degrees (we like apple or cherry wood for pork)
  3. Place ham in tin pan with a little apple juice mixed with water.
  4. Prepare Glaze by simmering Jim Beam, jelly, brown sugar to a slight boil and remove from heat.
  5. Brush ham with prepared glaze every 30-45 minutes while smoking.
  6. Heat ham to 145 — remove from smoker and re-glaze
  7. Allow ham to rest, slice and enjoy!

This is one of those fail-proof recipes to enjoy a great ham with family and friends. Try it, make your own improvements and enjoy with family and friends.

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