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Avoid These BBQ Mistakes

Like everything in life there are certain pitfalls you need to watch out for when manning the smoker or the grill. Here are some mistakes we made and how to avoid these BBQ mistakes.

BBQ Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Winging it: Every cook should have some sort of a plan. If you are a beginner find a basic recipe and follow it as a guideline. Yes, some things are open to interpretation (like spices etc.) when it comes to flavor, but make sure you have an understanding of Time & Temp for your cook.
  2. Panicking: This is BBQ and Grilling — no need to panic. Things will happen during every cook that are unexpected from weather conditions, to flare ups, to the dreaded stall. No need to panic…just handle it. Adjust the fire accordingly or wrap the meat during the stall — remember this is supposed to be fun
  3. Not minding time and temperature: These are the two most important things when it comes to cooking anything. Know how long something should cook for, understand the temperatures of both the fire and the meat, and adjust accordingly. (Remember: have a plan, don’t panic and handle it.) Temp: GUIDELINES

There are tons of other technical mistakes to avoid, but to me, these are the big 3 BBQ mistakes to watch out for. Most of the other problems fall under these three…

ex: My meat was overcooked: You didn’t pay close enough attention to or didn’t understand time and temp.

ex: This was a stressful cook: You probably panicked and didn’t have a good plan.

As time passes, we will continue to share notes from our cooks and let you know what you should look out for, what happened to us, and how we handled it.

Remember BBQ is fun. Have fun and enjoy the time spent in the backyard. Understand these three guidelines and what to avoid and make some damn good BBQ!

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