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How To Smoke Wings

Show me someone who does not like wings. Everyone loves good wings. Learning how to smoke wings is by far the best way to have all the wings you need for tailgating, game day, or whenever.

How To Smoke Wings

As always, start with quality wings. The better the ingredients, the better the end cook. This does not only work for wings, but for everything Grilled Jawn shares. (Bonus points if you find a good butcher and get to know them well.)

Smoked Wings

Serving Size:
2 hours 30 min


  • Chicken Wings
  • Seasoning or Rub


  1. Get the best wings you can buy from your butcher or local grocery store
  2. Rinse wings in cold water and pat dry with paper towel
  3. If you choose to brine your wings, skips step two and brine in a bucket with salt and spices and then jump to step two.
  4. Place wings on wire rack with baking sheet underneath and season liberally with your favorite wings seasoning and rubs. For the above images we used Meat Church Holy Cow. [Feel free to mix up seasonings per rack of wings or per dozen.)
  5. Pre-heat smoker to 225
  6. Place racks on smoker and smoke for 90 minutes
  7. Flip wings and smoke for another hour.
  8. To crisp them up, if you like extra crispy, remove from smoker and hit em in an air fryer for 4-5 minutes.

TIPS: Since this is a quick an easy cook — you will see when you learn how to smoke wings how perfect they are for days when you have extra space in/on the smoker. Also, whenever we fire it up, we like to fill up all the racks in the Pit Boss Vertical Smoker. Wings are the perfect way to make sure your smoker is full.

Fire it up! Grab a beverage! And Enjoy!

How To Smoke Wings — Perfectly

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