Slow Grilled Pulled Pork

Slow Grilled Pulled Pork

There is nothing better than a good Slow Grilled Pulled Pork sandwich. But, let’s say you don’t have a smoker, but you still want to get some good homemade pulled pork — what do you do? This is when you turn to slow grilled pulled pork.

That’s right slow grilled pork shoulder makse a full-flavor, delicious pulled pork meal.

Follow these easy steps to perfect pulled pork:

Slow Grilled Pulled Pork

Serving Size:
4-5 hours


  • Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt)


  1. Get a quality Pork Shoulder (often referred to as Boston Butt.)
  2. The morning of the cook rub all sides of the Pork Shoulder. You can use any rub depending on your taste. Once seasoned, put back in the refrigerator until about 30-45 mins prior to cooking.
  3. Set your grill up for indirect grilling. Indirect grilling simply means only using one or two burners and putting the pork shoulder on the cold side of the grill, the 0pposite of the flames. Pre-heat grill to 225-275. If you are using wood chops and a smoke box put the box on the grate over the heat.
    (NOTE: Depending on your grill it may be hard to hold such a low temperature. I usually check the temp every 30-45 mins to make sure the cook temperature does not get too high or low.)
  4. Using a digital thermometer, place the probe in the biggest part of the Pork.
  5. Put the Pork on the Grill and cook to 190
  6. Once the Pork hits 190 remove from grill and let the Shoulder rest for about 3o minutes before pulling the meat.

NOTES: Patience is key with this cook. Grab a cold beverage, sit back and now relax.
You may find the Pork Shoulder may stall and not rise in temperature once it hits 150 – 160. If this happens grab some tin foil, remove from the heat and wrap the pork tightly before putting it back on the grill. This is commonly referred to as a Texas Crutch. WIth my last cook (pictured in this post) it stalled at 160 at about the 3 1/2 hour mark.

The cook time depends on the size of your Pork. Most 3-4 lb Boston Butts take about an hour a pound at the suggested temps — but remember Slow Grilled Pulled Pork is worth the wait.

Slow Grilled Pulled Pork is a great meal for any family get together or cookout. Homemade Pulled Pork never disappoints and often impresses all your guests — no need to tell them how easy it really is. Enjoy!

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