Game Day Grilling

EASY Sonoran Hot Dogs

Football is back and here we are talking about Game Day Grilling up some Sonoran Hot Dogs.

I swear, we spend much time every week talking about our game day grilling menu. Whether we are cooking in the backyard for the two of us or a house full — Game day means we are going all in.

Game Day Grilling: Sonoran Hot Dogs

This week we wanted to keep things simple. Our menu of choice was going to be stripped down for the two of us due to a previously scheduled Game Day softball doubleheader.

This week it was all about Bacon. Bacon wrapped veggie cream cheese jalapenos, hot dogs, short rib and brisket burgers and Sonoran Hot Dogs.

What’s a Tijuana Dog?
A TJ dog, also known as Sonoran Hot Dog, Dirty Dog or our favorite Mission (SF) Dogs. This hot dog is a staple of California Street Food.

A TJ Dog is a bacon wrapped hot dog served with chopped jalapenos, diced onions and fresh crema. Just perfect.

All in all, the total grill time here was close to 45 minutes. The bulk of the grill time was making sure the bacon was fully cooked to a crisp around the peppers.

GRILL NOTES: I grilled the peppers on the top rack with a foil container underneath to prevent grease flares. When the pepper was close to being done, I placed the bacon-wrapped hot dogs on a grill flat top to make sure you get the perfect crisp.

Give this one go for your friends and family. It absolutely made for perfect game day grilling with limited time.

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