The Best Smoked Meatloaf Recipe

The Best Smoked Meatloaf

Look no further for the best smoked meatloaf recipe

The first time I heard about smoked meatloaf, I was puzzled. Really? You can smoke meatloaf…? The more I looked and investigated this matter, the more I saw people raving about how great it tastes. (Weekend Warrior BBQ Smoked Meatloaf Video)

For this cook, I wanted to keep it simple, but have the best of both worlds — a great tasting traditional meatloaf, with that full smoky flavor.

This is pretty easy, straightforward cook. Most time spent on this recipe is in the prep and setup — after that just fire away. (Seriously, this is the best smoked meatloaf ever.)

The Best Smoked Meatloaf

Serving Size:
3 hours
Easy / Medium



  1. In a large mixing bowl add equal parts beef & sausage, plus one egg
  2. Season with Salt & Pepper and mix in minced garlic
  3. Add 1 cup breadcrumbs and hand mix
  4. Add Zip Sauce to beef mixture and combine more (by don’t overwork the mixture)
  5. Line a traditional meatloaf pan with saran wrap and make your meatloaf in tin
  6. Place prepared meatloaf in refrigerator for at least two hours
  7. Pre-heat smoke to 250 degrees
  8. Remove meatloaf from ‘fridge and pull the saran wrap out of the tin and flip on to cutting board. This ensures your meatloaf keeps it’s shape and it’s easy to get out of the meatloaf tin.
  9. Season all sides of the loaf with BBQ seasoning of choice
  10. Place in smoker and smoke to 160 degrees (This will take about 2 hours)
  11. When the meatloaf reaches internal temp of 160 — remove the meatloaf and paint with BBQ sauce
  12. Place back in smoker for 15-20 minutes or until it reaches your desired glaze
  13. Rest for 10-15 min – Slice & Serve

This recipe takes a lot of prep, but once you do it, the steps become second nature and logical. To make the best smoked meatloaf recipe even better try using different rubs and sauces or meat ratios and mixtures to add different flavor profiles.

All I know is that today for lunch, I am having a leftover meatloaf sandwich — which makes any day a good day. Cheers!

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