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What is The Stall When Smoking Meat

The dreaded stall…no one likes the stall, no one embraced the stall — but when smoking large cuts of meat the stall will happen.

What is The Stall When Smoking Meat?

What is The Stall When Smoking Meat? The stall is when a large cut of meat, mostly pork butt or beef brisket, is cooking, and the temperature of the meat just seems to stop climbing, or “stall” and plateau around 155-165°F for hours.

The stall happens to everyone from first-time smokers to the most experienced pitmasters. The stall does not care what kind of smokers you are running, what wood you have fired up, or anything of the like — it is going to happen.

So, this beckons the question: How do you beat the stall?

First off, you know it’s coming, so you also know to be prepared for the stall. The way the Grilled Jawn team beats the stall is with a tight wrap and patience.

When you recognize your cook has stalled and anxiety sets in, it’s time to hit ’em with the foil. Armed with heavy duty tin foil or butcher’s paper, wrap your cook tight. Also, referred to as “The Texas Crutch.”

From there, it’s all about patience…

Normally when we smoke a pork shoulder for pulled pork we experience the meat climbing quick in the first hour. Over time, the meat’s rise in temp with incrementally slow down until it hits a stall.


So, now when someone asks What is The Stall When Smoking Meat you’re in the know. If this article helped you, you want to check out our article: Avoid These BBQ Mistakes — Cheers!

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