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BBQ For Beginners – What Should I Cook First?

BBQ does not need to be intimidating in the beginning. Here are some of our favorite BBQ for beginners recipes.

BBQ should be fun. BBQ should be delicious. BBQ should be something everyone can enjoy. BBQ does not have to be daunting and something hard to begin.

Over the last year, The Grilled Jawn Team has compiled tons of notes and recipes for everyone. We wanted this site to talk BBQ for beginners and also to the seasoned veteran pitmaster.

Here is a list of some of the best cooks to get you started on your BBQ journey and what makes them so great.


  1. Pork Tenderloin: When someone is new to smoking or BBQ, this is recipe I send everyone. Pork tenderloin is a great first cook. The cut of meat is inexpensive and very forgiving. Season it and put it in the smoker until it reaches an internal temperature of 145°. Rest and slice. [Smoked Pork Tenderloin Recipe]
  2. 3-2-1 RIbs: Yes, we are just going to go there….ribs on the smoker. Spare Ribs or St. Louis Ribs are not as complex as people make them out. With our 3-2-1 Ribs recipe we go a little lower on the heat. Following this recipe makes ensures your ribs are cooked to perfection with that competition “tug off the bone” first bite. [3-2-1 Ribs Recipe]
  3. Smoked Chicken Wings: Who does not like Chicken Wings? Wow everyone at your next gathering with this easy and delicious chicken wing recipe. Toss with your favorite wing sauce and serve with your favorite garnish — these are a home run especially if you use BIrd Gang Rub. [Smoked Chicken Wings Recipe]
  4. Simple Cheesy Cauliflower: Every good BBQ needs good sides and a vegetable. This recipe is perfect when you have extra room on the smoker when cooking your main. Cauliflower., cheese and BBQ rub lead the way for this delicious side dish. [Smoked Cauliflower]

This is a great BBQ for Beginners starting point. Each of these recipes are tried and true in our own backyard. These are some of my go-to ‘Jawns when we have people coming over, and are short on time and don’t know what else to cook.

Give them a go — change them up, make them your own. Most of all have fun and enjoy your time during the cook.

Grilled Jawn Backyard BBQ Grill Guide

See what’s in our Backyard and the what we use to cook.


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